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Functional Movement Screening (FMS) in Reynoldsburg

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool that can be used to identify individuals who are more likely to become injured. The FMS is being used throughout the US in every major sport and by more than 50 professional and college teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Indians & New York Giants.

The FMS is used to objectively evaluate the quality of a movement pattern (mobility and stability). Some patterns are functional while others tend to make you more prone to injury, adding muscle tension and weakness. It was created to gauge balance, stability, and mobility. The FMS is a way to screen and develop a corrective exercise program to improve movement patterns. The FMS does not directly measure performance markers like power, strength, and speed, but rather how movement can affect these.

Finding the Weaknesses

The FMS will identify weaknesses and asymmetries that increase the likelihood of sustaining a musculoskeletal injury as well as inhibit performance. The number one predictor of injury is a history of a previous injury. However, the next biggest predictor is an asymmetry in movement, strength, or flexibility. What creates these problems? Previous injuries, daily habits/activities, poor training/rehab, mobility/motor control restrictions, movement dysfunctions, soft tissue restrictions. During functional multi-joint movements a relatively stiffer joint or muscle tends to resist movement but function is maintained by another joint by compensating.


The Testing

The FMS tests 7 basic movement patterns: squatting, stepping, lunging, reaching, leg raising, push up, & rotary stability. The screen takes approximately 20 minutes. Average score in 20-40 yr olds is 15, 50-59 yr. olds is 14, 60+ yr. olds is 13. Studies indicate that a score of 14 or less as being appropriate to identify individuals who have a greater odds for sustaining an injury. The presence of an asymmetry on the FMS is associated with an elevated risk for injury.

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