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New Patient Center

Wells Family Chiropractic Greeting patientWelcome to Wells Family Chiropractic! In our friendly and casual environment we have music playing to help you de-stress.

The First Visit

Sandy will greet you when you arrive and take you to the front room and explain what we’re going to do. You’ll be asked to complete some paperwork. When you’ve finished, she’ll take your file to Dr. Wells who will be in to see you shortly.

Expect the following next:

  • Dr. Wells will conduct a consultation and explain a bit about chiropractic.
  • You will have a series of scans done with our subluxation station (a thermal scan, surface EMG and heart rate variability).
  • X-rays may be taken if necessary.

This appointment takes about 35-40 minutes.

The Second Visit

At your next visit, which can be the following day, Dr. Wells will review your scans and X-rays. He also may perform a couple of movement screen tests and then will adjust you. This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Regular Visits

During regular visits you will come in, sign in on the iPad, and go back to the adjusting room where you will have a seat on “the bench,” a 100 year old church pew from the church Dr. Wells grew up in. Dr. Wells will perform a chiropractic adjustment, and you may be given some other types of therapies. These may include traction, laser, shockwave, PEMF,  corrective exercise recommendation, movement screening or nutrition. This appointment takes about 10 minutes.

Do I Have to Come for the Rest of My Life?

Dr. Wells hopes to take care of you for the rest of your life so you can enjoy optimal health and wellness. The choice, of course, is always up to you. You will never feel pressured at our practice.

Expect a terrific experience at Wells Family Chiropractic! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or free consultation. We offer same-day appointments for your convenience.

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